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    How to Remove Bleach Stains

    By David | September 26, 2009

    So now you know how to remove ink stains let’s set the bar a little higher and get to grips with a real challenge, bleach stains!

    It can be so frustrating when a bleach stain appears.  Bleach is primarily used as a stain remover, so how in the world does one remove a bleach stain? Fortunately there are some home remedies and commercial products available that can help repair or remove those nasty stains. So, how to get bleach stains out of clothes, is it even possible?

    Bleach has been used for stain removal for centuries.  Today it can be found in many households and is normally used to whiten fabric. This is done through a chemical process that breaks down the stain and then is removed by washing.  Eventually, bleach use can cause yellow stains to form on the white fabric caused by residual build up of fibers that are damaged.  Research has even linked bleach use with health problems such as cancer, infertility, disabilities and other serious illnesses in children and adults, so you might want to only use bleach when you absolutely have to whiten that fabric. Due to health concerns, you may want to try using a bleach alternative like stain solver oxygen bleach, hydrogen peroxide or borax instead.

    Removing bleach stains is far from easy. If you do get a bleach stain on your clothing, that stain is usually set in there for good since the stain has already removed the colored dye from your fabric.  It may be easier to try to repair or restore the color that has been lost by stripping away the damaged part, or by fading the color of the rest of the fabric to blend the stain into the whole garment.   A good stripping agent to use that is out there on the market is called Rit Color Remover.  It is safe for the environment and is extremely effective.

    A fast treatment you might want to try is Sodium Thiosulfate, well known as a photographic fixer. This can be used to neutralize bleach and help restore the fabric or surface before it is stained. Just blot the bleach stain using a white, clean cloth which was dipped in sodium thiosulfate until it becomes saturated, then use cold water to rinse and keep repeating until the job is done.

    White vinegar is a good solution to use as well. Soak a clean cloth with it and dab or blot the stain. Rinse with cold water and repeat. White vinegar is something that’s been used for years to help restore color to a garment.

    Fabric markers by Marvy can even be used to make the discoloration less noticeable.  They’re found in craft or fabric stores and come in an array of different colors, and they are safe in the wash.  You may want to try the marker out on a hidden area first to see if it’s the correct shade to use.

    Another option is to dry your clothes outside in the direct sunlight.  This will help the area around the stain from the bleach to become lighter. Also, don’t forget to look for more bleach fighting agents in the stores when you go shopping.

    So don’t get frustrated if that nasty bleach stain appears!  Remember there is help beach stain removal out there!

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